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This page lists past updates to the site that have "aged out" from the home page.

Stardate 201912.28 --
Photos from our December potluck and volunteering at the Duke Children's Telethon have been posted. As an early "New Year's gift," the next installment of Final Mission (Chapter 12 / Sections 61-65) have also been added.

Stardate 201912.01 --
Nov/Dec 2019 newsletter and Chapter 11 (Sections 56-60) of Final Mission have both been posted.

Stardate 201911.01 --
Chapter 10 (Sections 51-55) of Final Mission has been posted.

Stardate 201910.25 --
More content has been added -- the
Sep/Oct 2019 newsletter and photos from us volunteering at the Peak City International Film Festival and a visit we had with Robert O'Reilly (Gowron).
....Two changes have also been made in the left-side navigation panel -- a new button links to where our
chapter handbook will eventually be and replacing the link to our former Google+ account with a link to our "commissary" where U.S.S. Kitty Hawk-themed merchandise can be purchased by anyone.

Stardate 201910.05 --
Chapter 9 (Sections 46-50) of Final Mission has been posted. The list of meetings has also been updated through January -- and includes notice of our December potluck.

Stardate 201909.06 --
Chapter 8 (Sections 41-45) of Final Mission has been posted.

Stardate 201908.10 --
LOTS of catching up to do with this posting.....
Chapter 7 (Sections 34-40) of Final Mission has been posted, along with full sets of photos from volunteering at the One Giant Leap festival and our appearance at GalaxyCon Raleigh 2019. Our Jul/Aug 2019 newsletter is also posted, featuring several articles for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, including coverage of the One Giant Leap festival.

Stardate 201907.27 --
Photos from GalaxyCon Raleigh Trek photo shoot on Saturday have been posted.

Stardate 201907.10 --
Chapter 6 (Sections 28-33) of Final Mission has been posted.

Stardate 201906.18 + 201906.20 --
Photos are now posted from
a talk by former NASA official Gerry Griffin, dedication of a NC historical marker for former NASA administrator Jim Webb, and members volunteering at Artsplosure. The May/Jun 2019 issue of the newsletter has also been posted.

Stardate 201906.02 --
Chapter 5 (Sections 22-27) of Final Mission has been posted. Also made a long overdue update to the list of upcoming meetings.

Stardate 201905.01 --
Continuing with the planned first-of-the-month publishing schedule,
Chapter 4 (Sections 17-21) of our current on-line story, Final Mission, has been posted. Temporary "landing pages" have also been added for every Chapter link in the story's Table of Contents, with the date listed on each for when they're scheduled to be posted.

Stardate 201904.03 --
Mar/Apr issue of the newsletter has been posted.

Stardate 201904.01 --
Chapter 3 (Sections 11-16) of our current on-line story, Final Mission, has been posted. We'll continue to release a full chapter with each posting, usually around the first (or before the first weekend) of each month. This gives us a completion goal of April 2020!

Stardate 201903.16 --
New Pics! The latest additions are from
hosting Garrett Wang again this year and volunteering at UNC-TV for our 30th! year!

Stardate 201903.01 --
next five sections (which is all of Chapter 2) of our current on-line story, Final Mission, have been posted.

Stardate 201902.16 --
The makeover is complete, with every web page now redesigned to the new layout.
.... Also added are
pics from hosting Jayne Brook (from Star Trek: Discovery) for dinner.

Stardate 201902.08 --
Welcome to a (slightly) redesigned web site! The changes are fairly obvious -- new "curves" at the top of the page and a more proper typeface to get our LCARS interface closer to Trek. Also added is consistant title bar text across all the web pages and "free up" the body for the actual content.
.... There's also a lot of new content -- the
first 2019 issue of our newsletter (volume 30!); pics from our anniversary dinner; and the premiere of our next on-line story, Final Mission. (This story is planned to have monthly installments through its conclusion, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!)

Stardate 201812.15 --
second half of our third online-only story has been posted, along with pics from our December meeting and potluck.

Stardate 201811.26 --
We've posted the
final newsletter of 2018 and the first half of our third online-only story.

Stardate 201810.25 --
meetings page has been updated to include our next several meeting dates, including our December Christmas party (at a member's house)! ..... and after getting way behind on updates over the last couple of months, this mass posting catches up on everything -- the two most recent newsletters, the concluding installment of our second on-line narrative, photos from our Raleigh Supercon 2018 appearance, and photos from away missions to the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour (in Ticonderoga, NY) and visiting the original U.S.S. Enterprise shooting model in its current home at the Air and Space Museum (in downtown Washington, DC).

Stardate 201808.30 --
third installment of our latest online-only story is now available.

Stardate 201806.10 --
Welcome to the newly-revamped U.S.S. Kitty Hawk web site! The most visible changes are in the left-side button bar -- the biggest two being links on every web page to all of our social media platforms and an all-new
For Sale area that we're working on. The buttons are now context-sensitive (meaning some of the buttons appear only when you're in certain subsections of the web site) and the "active" button gets a unique color while you're in that button's section -- go ahead .... click around the site and you'll see what we mean. :-)
There's also new content -- the
latest issue of the newsletter and two most recent volunteer activities at Artsplosure and the Freedom BalloonFest.

Stardate 201804.28 --
second installment of our latest online-only story is now available.

Stardate 201803.24 --
New pics have been posted from
our hosting Garrett Wang for a public talk/Q&A and our latest volunteer shift at UNC-TV. The second newsletter of 2018 is also now available in the media archives.

Stardate 201802.23 --
first installment of our second online-only story is now available. Also posted are pics from our anniversary dinner and February potluck, along with the final newsletter of 2017 and the first newsletter of 2018. (Plus the meetings page got an update to show our meetings for the first half of the year.

Stardate 201712.31 --
Happy New Year!
The rest of our
first online-only story has been posted. Look for our next online-only story in February!

Stardate 201711.16 --
Catching up again, there's the
latest newsletter and pictures from volunteering at UNC-TV in August, September potluck, and our appearance at the 2017 Crystal Coast Con. The meetings page has been updated to include our next several meetings.

Stardate 201708.11 --
Several updates (and a LOT of catching up) --
three more newsletters, a new online-only story, and pictures from our March UNC-TV volunteer shift, our May Potluck, and a great weekend at Raleigh Supercon.

Stardate 201706.17 --
meetings page has been updated to include our next several meetings -- including another potluck!

Stardate 201703.05 --
With it being almost six months since the last major content addition, a lot of pictures are being added: our appearance at the
2016 Crystal Coast Con, our volunteer shift for UNC-TV's WinterFest, and our anniversary dinner. Also added are the last two newsletter issues of 2016 and the first issue of 2017. Another change is the history of updates on this page is now being split off, with only the most recent updates being listed and the older updates moved to a separate update page.

Stardate 201609.25 --
Jul/Aug issue of the newsletter is now available, along with an update to the May/Jun issue. A lot of pictures have also been added for away team missions to the Raleigh Grande for the opening of Star Trek Beyond, August's UNC-TV appearance for SummerFest, Star Trek: The StarFleet Academy Experience in New York, and the Star Trek 50th Anniverary Convention in Las Vegas.

Stardate 201609.15 --
Act 5 of our first podcast is now complete!

Stardate 201607.18 --
Completed an overdue posting of the
May/Jun issue of the newsletter to the archives, along with photos from our night at UNC-TV for The Race to the Finish. Also, the meetings page has information for our meetings through October.

Stardate 201605.18 --
Mar/Apr issue of the newsletter has been added to the archives, plus photos from our night at UNC-TV. The meetings page now has updated information for our June and July meetings.

Stardate 201603.08 --
first 2016 issue of the newsletter has been added to the archives, plus photos from our anniversary dinner and an away team that went to Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage. The meetings page was also updated to show our new meeting location.

Stardate 201601.02 --
final 2015 issue of the newsletter has been added to the archives, along with pictures from our fourth appearance of 2015 at UNC-TV, this time for WinterFest.

Stardate 201510.22 --
The 2015 edition of Crystal Coast Con is over and
the pics are now posted.

Stardate 201510.14 --
Photos from our
25th Anniversary dinner and Change of Command ceremony have been posted, along with the latest newsletter.

Stardate 201508.19 --
Photos from our last three events (
a pair of UNC-TV volunteer nights and our July 4th cookout) have been added, along with catching up on posting issues to the newsletter archive.

After fixing a few technical problems within Comp Ops, Act IV of our first podcast is now complete and has been posted for download from our audio archive.

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