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  U.S.S. Kitty Hawk -- NCC-1659

Site Update History

This page lists past updates to the site that have "aged out" from the home page.

Stardate 201603.08 --
The first 2016 issue of the newsletter has been added to the archives, plus photos from our anniversary dinner and an away team that went to Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage. The meetings page was also updated to show our new meeting location.

Stardate 201601.02 --
The final 2015 issue of the newsletter has been added to the archives, along with pictures from our fourth appearance of 2015 at UNC-TV, this time for WinterFest.

Stardate 201510.22 --
The 2015 edition of Crystal Coast Con is over and the pics are now posted.

Stardate 201510.14 --
Photos from our 25th Anniversary dinner and Change of Command ceremony have been posted, along with the latest newsletter.

Stardate 201508.19 --
Photos from our last three events (a pair of UNC-TV volunteer nights and our July 4th cookout) have been added, along with catching up on posting issues to the newsletter archive.

After fixing a few technical problems within Comp Ops, Act IV of our first podcast is now complete and has been posted for download from our audio archive.

Our Facebook page is now up and running, with pics from our various activities now posted.