USS Kitty Hawk • NCC-1659  
Story: Final Mission (Ch 3 ⋅ Sec 12)   

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Table of Contents Uhura was going through her daily briefs and memos just one more time before leaving. Starfleet had requested her presence on behalf of the Betazed Embassy and the Federation Council's admittance ceremonies were not to be missed. The parties were opulent by most accounts, so Uhura was very anxious to get there.

Before the ceremonies, she would take her approved, and much-deserved, leave. During that time, she would visit her father and a certain engineer. There was no doubt about it, she and Scotty needed to see each other in person and talk, not by hyper- or subspace communications. The light-year distances made it more than difficult to sort out feelings. Long distance relationships required extra work and special attention. Even Scotty recognized the problem and tried to make a joke about the best communications officer in Starfleet not being able to communicate.

'Soon, Scotty, very soon,' she thought to herself. It was a mixed bag of emotions she was taking back to Earth. But first and foremost, was her precious Scotty.

Also on her mind was seeing all of her friends from Betazed. It was a dream come true. Ironically, being in charge of the Epsilon Communications Complex was not an ideal way to keep in touch with friends -- there it was again -- so the ceremonies were a blessing.

Just a few more details to wrap up and she would be on her way, one more time. Her job required routine visits to all the Epsilon arrays, so frequent travel was the norm. Since taking the position of Epsilon command, she had packing and travel down to a science. Normally, she could be out of her quarters in fifteen minutes. But today, with dress uniforms, extra civilian clothing and such, it slowed her down considerably.

Finally, with all the packing done, she placed a call to the duty office to officially log out. She walked over to her personal comm unit, which also doubled as an official link to her office and the duty ship. Pressing the red-coded button, she activated the office call circuit. "Captain Uhura to Epsilon Command, duty officer, please."

After a very brief pause, a familiar female voice greeted Nyota. "Chou here, sir, ready to go?"

"In a minute, Lieutenant; you have everything under control?"

Uhura could almost hear the dimpled smile during the response. "Don't worry, mother hen, your baby chicks will be just fine, just like the other one hundred and fifty-seven times when you 'flew the coop.'"

Grinning to herself, the captain found it difficult to stifle a laugh. "Okay, hotshot, but if anything does go wrong, I'm coming after you personally! Uhura out!"

That said, she tapped the blue button for the ship channel. "Uhura to Zhukov, you people ready for a little cruise with the boss?"

The first officer came back quickly with, "We're always ready. Besides, you're ten minutes late, 'boss!'"

Uhura bit her lip on that one. 'Decorum in command, Nyota.' she thought to herself. Taking a deep breath she replied, "All right, prepare to beam me aboard. And Mister Harrington, since you noticed my shortcomings, let's see if I can find any over there. This trip will be a 'white glove' inspection, Uhura out!"

She laughed out loud after the comm link was broken. 'I'll bet there are some very surprised people on board the Zhukov right now,' she thought. No matter, her crew was always ready for a white glove inspection. Besides, she would let them off easy, after they sweated just a bit.

She placed one small bag on either side of herself and then opened her communicator. Pressing the automatic beam-up signal button, she finally relaxed. As the transporter began to take hold, Nyota was focused on one thought, Montgomery Scott.

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