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Story: A Hero's Death   

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Table of Contents Not long ago, the Kitty Hawk published my short story titled Friends and Enemies. At that time I hinted at another story which dealt with how Starfleet dealt with the loss of crew members. I now offer that story in several parts, in the same format we used to present Friends and Enemies.

This is another story which came from entering the open submission format for the Strange New Worlds series of Pocket Books. As I mentioned previously, no matter how many times I wrote and rewrote the story, it was always too long. So I stopped trying to make it shorter and put all the edited material back in and left it as a 'longer' short story.

This story was originally an outline intended for a Next Generation script. I actually started the script, but before I completed it, I found out the Next Generation producers were no longer accepting stories. So I put it in a folder with many other incomplete and unused stories. In the Next Generation setting, Worf was the featured crew member and the story focused on how he reacted to a young hero and how that hero reacted to Worf's hero worship. To finish the story for the contest, I wanted to show how the whole crew would react and I featured the hero more, including how she dealt with all the attention. Eventually, I changed the setting of the story to the original series time frame as it's my favorite of all the series and I'm more comfortable with 1701's crew. I also featured a few of the secondary characters from that time frame.

While doing this, I took a look at the Enterprise crew, with the hero acting as an outside influence on the Enterprise crew and how the crew reacts to that influence. It isn't the whole story, as they are also dealing with other issues. This basic story type was used before with outsiders like Charlie X, Dr. Daystrom, Khan and others. However, this time the person is a Starfleet officer, one of them, so I hoped it comes across as somewhat different.

I think this would have made a good one-hour TV show, but expensive due to the space battle sequences. Anyway, I had fun writing it... and rewriting it... and rewriting... well, you get the idea. Hope you enjoy it.

-- Brad McDonald

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