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Note: To be listed, a player must have played at least one regular season game in the NFL (1920-present) or AFL (1960-69).

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Player NameYears PlayedPosition(s)
Aaitui, Isaako2013NT-DT
Abbey, Joe1948 - 1949E-DE
Abbott, Faye1921 - 1929BB-QB-FB-RB
Abbott, Vince1987 - 1988K
Abbrederis, Jared2015 - 2017WR
Abbruzzi, Duke1946HB-DB
Abdesmad, Mehdi2016DE
Abdullah, Ameer2015 - 2018RB
Abdullah, Hamza2005 - 2011S
Abdullah, Husain2008 - 2015S
Abdullah, Khalid2003LB
Abdullah, Rabih1999 - 2004RB
Abdullah, Rahim1999 - 2000LB
Abdul-Quddus, Isa2011 - 2016S
Abel, Fred1926FB
Abell, Bud1966 - 1968LB
Abercrombie, Walter1982 - 1988RB
Aberson, Cliff1946RB-DB
Abiamiri, Victor2007 - 2009DE
Aboushi, Oday2013 - 2018T-G
Abraham, Clifton1995 - 1997CB
Abraham, Donnie1996 - 2004CB
Abraham, John2000 - 2014LB-DE
Abraham, Robert1982 - 1987LB
Abramowicz, Dan1967 - 1974WR
Abramowitz, Sid1983 - 1987T
Abrams, Bobby1990 - 1995LB
Abrams, Kevin1997 - 1999CB
Abrams, Nate1921E
Abramson, George1925G-T
Abrell, Dick1920WB
Abruzzese, Ray1962 - 1966DB
Abruzzino, Frank1931 - 1933LB-FB-C-G
Absher, Dick1967 - 1972LB-K
Ache, Steve1987LB
Achica, George1985DT
Achiu, Walter1927 - 1928WB-RB-E-FB
Acho, Emmanuel2013 - 2014LB
Acho, Sam 2011 - 2018LB
Acker, Bill1980 - 1987NT
Acker, Kenneth2015 - 2017CB
Ackerman, Rick1982 - 1987DT
Ackerman, Tom1996 - 2003C
Acks, Ron1968 - 1976LB
Acorn, Fred1984CB
Adamchik, Ed1965C
Adamle, Mike1971 - 1976RB
Adamle, Tony1950 - 1954LB-FB
Adams, Andrew2016 - 2018S
Adams, Anthony2003 - 2011DT
Adams, Bill1972 - 1978G-T
Adams, Blue2003 - 2007CB
Adams, Bob1969 - 1976TE-T
Adams, Brent1975 - 1977T
Adams, Charlie2003 - 2005WR
Adams, ChesterT
Adams, Chet1939 - 1950DT-T-E-DE
Adams, Curtis1985 - 1988RB
Adams, Darvin2011WR
Adams, Davante2014 - 2018WR
Adams, David1987RB
Adams, Doug1971 - 1974LB
Adams, Ernie1987LB
Adams, Flozell1998 - 2010T-G
Adams, Gaines2007 - 2009DE
Adams, George1985 - 1991RB
Adams, Henry1939C
Adams, Jamal2017 - 2018S
Adams, Jamar2008 - 2010S
Adams, Jeff2014 - 2015T
Adams, Jerell2016 - 2017TE
Adams, Joe2012WR
Adams, John1959 - 1963FB-E
Adams, John1945 - 1949T
Adams, Johnny2013CB
Adams, Josh2018RB
Adams, Julius1971 - 1987DE
Adams, KeionLB
Adams, Keith2001 - 2007LB
Adams, Kris2012WR
Adams, Kyle2011 - 2013TE
Adams, Matthew2018LB
Adams, Michael2007 - 2013CB
Adams, Michael1987 - 1989DB
Adams, Mike1997WR
Adams, Mike2012 - 2016T
Adams, Mike2004 - 2018S-CB
Adams, Montravius2017 - 2018DT
Adams, Neal1942 - 1945E
Adams, Pete1974 - 1976G
Adams, Phillip2010 - 2015CB
Adams, RodneyWR
Adams, Sam1994 - 2007DT
Adams, Sam1972 - 1981G
Adams, Scott1992 - 1997T
Adams, Stan1984LB
Adams, Stefon1986 - 1990DB
Adams, Theo1992 - 1993G
Adams, Titus2009DT
Adams, Tom1962WR
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