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Note: To be listed, a player must have played at least one regular season game in the NFL (1920-present) or AFL (1960-69).

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Player NameYears PlayedPosition(s)
Baab, Mike1982 - 1992C
Baack, Steve1984 - 1987DT-G-DE
Baas, David2005 - 2013C-G
Babartsky, Al1938 - 1945T
Babb, Charlie1972 - 1979DB
Babb, Gene1957 - 1963FB-LB
Babcock, Harry1953 - 1955E-DE
Babcock, Sam1926WB-FB
Baber, Billy2001 - 2004TE
Babers, Roderick2003 - 2004CB
Babich, Bob1970 - 1978LB
Babin, Jason2004 - 2015DE-LB
Babineaux, Jonathan2005 - 2016DE-DT
Babineaux, Jordan2004 - 2012S-CB
Babinecz, John1972 - 1975LB
Baca, Jeff2013 - 2014G-C
Baccaglio, Marty1968 - 1970DE
Bacchus, Carl1927 - 1928E
Bach, Joe1935 - 1953
Bachmaier, Joe1920 - 1924G-C-T-E
Bachman, Jay1968 - 1971C
Bachman, Ted1976DB
Bachor, Rip1928T
Backman, Kennard2015TE
Backus, Jeff2001 - 2012T
Bacon, Coy1968 - 1981DE-DT
Bacon, Frank1920 - 1925WB-TB-E
Bacon, Waine2004S
Badaczewski, John1946 - 1953G-DG
Badanjek, Rick1986 - 1988RB
Badar, Richie1967QB
Bademosi, Johnson2012 - 2018CB
Badger, Brad1997 - 2007G
Badgley, Mike2018K
Badgro, Red1927 - 1936E-DE
Bagarus, Steve1945 - 1948HB-DB
Bagby, Herm1926 - 1927WB-TB-FB-BB
Bagdon, Ed1950 - 1952G-LB
Baggett, Billy1952HB-DB
Baham, Curtis1987DB
Bahan, Pete1923BB-TB-FB
Bahnsen, Ken1953FB
Bahr, Chris1976 - 1989K
Bahr, Matt1979 - 1995K
Bailey, Aaron1994 - 1998WR
Bailey, Allen2011 - 2018DE
Bailey, Alvin2013 - 2016T-G
Bailey, Bill1940 - 1941E-DE
Bailey, Boss2003 - 2008LB
Bailey, Byron1952 - 1953HB
Bailey, Carlton1988 - 1997LB
Bailey, Champ1999 - 2013CB
Bailey, Clarence1987RB
Bailey, Dan2011 - 2018K
Bailey, David1990DE
Bailey, Dion2015S
Bailey, Don1984 - 1985C
Bailey, Edwin1981 - 1991G
Bailey, Elmer1980 - 1982WR
Bailey, Eric1987TE
Bailey, Harold1981 - 1982WR
Bailey, Henry1996WR
Bailey, Howard1935T
Bailey, Jim1970 - 1978DT-DE
Bailey, Johnny1990 - 1995RB
Bailey, Karsten1999 - 2003WR
Bailey, Larry1974DT
Bailey, Mark1977 - 1978RB
Bailey, Monk1964 - 1965DB
Bailey, Patrick2008 - 2013LB
Bailey, Robert1991 - 2001CB
Bailey, Rodney2001 - 2007DE
Bailey, Russ1920 - 1921C
Bailey, Stacey1982 - 1990WR
Bailey, Stedman2013 - 2015WR
Bailey, Teddy1967 - 1969RB
Bailey, Thomas1995WR
Bailey, Tom1971 - 1974RB
Bailey, Victor1993 - 1996WR
Bain, Bill1975 - 1986G-T
Bair, Brandon2014 - 2015DE
Baird, Bill1963 - 1969DB-HB
Baisi, Al1940 - 1947G
Bajema, Billy2005 - 2013TE
Baker, Al1978 - 1990DE
Baker, Art1961 - 1962FB
Baker, Budda2017 - 2018S
Baker, Bullet1927 - 1931BB-TB-HB-WB
Baker, Charlie1980 - 1987LB
Baker, Chase2013DT
Baker, Chris2002 - 2010TE
Baker, Chris2009 - 2017DE-DT
Baker, Conway1936 - 1945T-G
Baker, Dallas2008WR
Baker, Dave1959 - 1961DB
Baker, Ed1972QB
Baker, Edwin2013 - 2014RB
Baker, Eugene1999 - 2004WR
Baker, Frank1931E
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