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Note: To be listed, a player must have played at least one regular season game in the NFL (1920-present) or AFL (1960-69).

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Player NameYears PlayedPosition(s)
Cabinda, Jason2018LB
Cable, Tom2008 - 2010
Cabral, Brian1979 - 1986LB
Cabrelli, Larry1941 - 1947E-DE-DB
Cabrinha, Augie1927WB-DB
Caddel, Ernie1933 - 1938WB-DB
Cade, Eddie1995S
Cade, Mossy1985 - 1986DB
Cadet, Travaris2012 - 2018RB
Cadigan, Dave1988 - 1994T-G
Cadile, Jim1962 - 1972G-T
Cadrez, Glenn1992 - 2002LB
Cadwell, John1961G
Caesar, Ivan1991LB
Cafego, George1940 - 1945QB-TB-DB-HB
Caffey, Lee Roy1963 - 1972LB
Cagle, Chris1930 - 1934DB-FB-TB-WB
Cagle, Jim1974DT
Cagle, Johnny1969DE
Cahill, Bill1973 - 1974DB
Cahill, Dave1966 - 1969DT-DE
Cahill, Denny1920G
Cahill, Ronnie1943TB-DB
Cahoon, Tiny1926 - 1929T
Cain, Jeremy2004 - 2014LB-FB
Cain, Jim1949 - 1955DE-E
Cain, Joe1989 - 1997LB
Cain, J. V.1974 - 1977WR-TE
Cain, Lynn1979 - 1985RB
Cain, Patrick1987C-G
Calac, Pete1920 - 1926FB-E-WB-TB
Calahan, Jeremy2005DT
Calcagni, Ralph1946 - 1947T
Caldwell, Alan1979DB
Caldwell, Andre2008 - 2015WR
Caldwell, Antoine2009 - 2012G-C
Caldwell, Bruce1928RB-FB
Caldwell, Bryan1984DE
Caldwell, Darryl1983T
Caldwell, David1987NT
Caldwell, David2011S
Caldwell, Jim2009 - 2017
Caldwell, Knute1925 - 1926T
Caldwell, Mike1995 - 1996WR
Caldwell, Mike1993 - 2003LB
Caldwell, Ravin1987 - 1992LB
Caldwell, Reche2002 - 2007WR
Caldwell, Scott1987RB
Caldwell, Tony1983 - 1987LB
Caldwell, Trey2016DB
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