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Note: To be listed, a player must have played at least one regular season game in the NFL (1920-present) or AFL (1960-69).

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Player NameYears PlayedPosition(s)
Daanen, Jerry1968 - 1970WR
Dabney, Carlton1968DT
Dach, Carson2003C
Dacus, Weston2008LB
D'Addido, Dave1984RB
Daddio, Bill1941 - 1942DE-E
Dadmun, Harrie1920 - 1921G-T
Daffer, Ted1954DE
Dafney, Bernard1992 - 1997G-T
DaGata, Fred1931FB
D'Agostino, Frank1956 - 1960G-T
D'Agostino, Lou1996RB
Dahl, Bob1992 - 1997G
Dahl, Craig2007 - 2015S
Dahl, Harvey2006 - 2013G-T
Dahl, Joe2016 - 2018G-T
Dahlgren, George1924 - 1926G-T
Dahms, Tom1951 - 1957T
Daigle, Anthony1994RB
Dailey, Casey1999LB
Dailey, Ted1933E
Dalby, Dave1972 - 1985C-G
Dale, Carroll1960 - 1973WR
Dale, Jeffery1985 - 1988DB
Dale, Roland1950DE
Dallafior, Ken1985 - 1992G-C
Dally, Dilly1926G
Dalman, Chris1993 - 1999G-C
D'Alonzo, Pete1951 - 1952FB
Dalrymple, Slats1922C
Dalton, Andy2011 - 2018QB
Dalton, Antico1999 - 2000LB
Dalton, Lional1998 - 2006DT
Dalton, Moxie1922FB
Dalton, Oakley1977DT
Daluiso, Brad1991 - 2001K
D'Amato, Mike1968DB
Damiani, Frank1944T
Damkroger, Maury1974 - 1975LB
Damore, John1957 - 1959C-G
Dancewicz, Boley1946 - 1948QB-DB
Danelo, Joe1975 - 1984K
Danenhauer, Bill1960DE
Danenhauer, Eldon1960 - 1965T
Daney, George1968 - 1974G
Dangerfield, Jordan2016 - 2018S
Daniel, Chase2010 - 2018QB
Daniel, Eugene1984 - 1997CB
Daniel, Kenny1984 - 1987DB
Daniel, Robertson2016 - 2018CB
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