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Note: To be listed, a player must have played at least one regular season game in the NFL (1920-present) or AFL (1960-69).

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Player NameYears PlayedPosition(s)
Eachus, Nate2012RB
Eaddy, James1987NT
Eagan, Ed2017WR
Eagle, Alex1935T
Eagle Feather1922 - 1923HB
Eaglin, Larry1973DB
Eakin, Kay1940 - 1941QB-DB-WB-HB
Ealy, Biren2007 - 2009WR
Ealy, Kony2014 - 2018DE
Earhart, Ralph1948 - 1949HB-DB
Earl, Glenn2004 - 2006S
Earl, Robin1977 - 1982TE-RB
Earley, Jim1978RB
Early, Guy1920 - 1921G-FB
Early, Quinn1988 - 1999WR
Earon, Blaine1952 - 1953DE
Earp, Jug1921 - 1932C-T-G
Easley, Dominique2014 - 2018DE
Easley, Kenny1981 - 1987DB
Easley, Marcus2012 - 2015WR
Easley, Walt1981 - 1982RB
Easlick, Doug2004FB
Easmon, Ricky1985 - 1986DB
Eason, Bo1984 - 1987DB
Eason, John1968WR
Eason, Nick2004 - 2012DT-DE
Eason, Nijrell2002CB
Eason, Roger1945 - 1949G
Eason, Tony1983 - 1990QB
East, Andrew2018LS
East, Ron1967 - 1977DT-DE
Easterling, Ray1972 - 1979DB
Easton, Nick2016 - 2017C
Easy, Omar2002 - 2005FB
Eatman, Irv1986 - 1996T
Eaton, Chad1996 - 2004DT
Eaton, Lou1945T
Eaton, Scott1967 - 1971DB
Eaton, Tracey1988 - 1993S
Eaton, Vic1955QB-DB
Ebding, Harry1931 - 1937E-DE
Eber, Rick1968 - 1970WR
Eberdt, Jess1932C
Ebersole, Hal1923G
Ebersole, John1970 - 1977LB
Ebert, Jeremy2013WR
Eberts, Beanie1924G-T-BB
Ebli, Ray1942DE-E
Ebner, Nate2012 - 2018S
Ebron, Eric2014 - 2018TE
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