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Note: To be listed, a player must have played at least one regular season game in the NFL (1920-present) or AFL (1960-69).

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Player NameYears PlayedPosition(s)
Gabbard, Steve1991DT
Gabbert, Blaine2011 - 2018QB
Gabler, John1925G
Gabriel, Doug2003 - 2006WR
Gabriel, Roman1962 - 1977QB
Gabriel, Taylor2014 - 2018WR
Gachkar, Andrew2011 - 2017LB
Gadbois, Dennis1987 - 1988WR
Gaddis, Christian2007 - 2009G
Gaddis, C. J.S
Gaddis, Robert1976WR
Gado, Samkon2005 - 2009RB
Gadsden, Oronde1998 - 2003WR
Gaechter, Mike1962 - 1969DB
Gaffney, Derrick1978 - 1987WR
Gaffney, Jabar2002 - 2012WR
Gaffney, Jeff1987K
Gaffney, Jim1945 - 1946HB-DB
Gaffney, TylerRB
Gafford, Rico2018WR
Gafford, Thomas2008 - 2016LS
Gage, Bobby1949 - 1950TB-DB
Gage, Justin2003 - 2010WR
Gage, Russell2018WR
Gage, Steve1987 - 1988DB
Gagliano, Bob1982 - 1992QB
Gagner, Larry1966 - 1972G
Gagnon, Dave1974RB
Gagnon, Roy1935G
Gailey, Chan1998 - 2012
Gain, Bob1952 - 1964DT-DE-DG-T
Gainer, Derrick1990 - 1993RB
Gaines, Charles2015CB
Gaines, Chris1988LB
Gaines, Clark1976 - 1982RB
Gaines, E. J.2014 - 2018CB
Gaines, Greg1981 - 1988LB
Gaines, Lawrence1976 - 1979RB
Gaines, Michael2004 - 2009TE
Gaines, MichaelS
Gaines, Phillip2014 - 2018CB
Gaines, Sheldon1987WR
Gaines, Wendall1995DE
Gaines, Wentford1978 - 1980DB
Gaines, William1994 - 1997DT
Gainor, Charlie1939DE
Gaiser, George1968T-G
Gaison, Blane1981 - 1984DB
Gaiter, Tony1997 - 1998WR
Gaiters, Bob1961 - 1963HB
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