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Note: To be listed, a player must have played at least one regular season game in the NFL (1920-present) or AFL (1960-69).

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Player NameYears PlayedPosition(s)
Haack, Matt2017 - 2018P
Haak, Bob1939T-G
Haas, Bob1929BB-WB
Haas, Bruno1921 - 1922WB-BB-G
Haase, Andy1998TE
Haaven, Ira1923E
Haayer, Adam2002 - 2005T
Habib, Brian1989 - 1999G
Hachten, Bill1947G-LB
Hackbart, Dale1960 - 1973DB
Hackenbery, ChristianQB
Hackenbruck, Johnny1940T
Hackett, Dino1986 - 1993LB
Hackett, D. J.2005 - 2008WR
Hackett, Joey1986 - 1988TE
Hackney, Elmer1940 - 1946FB-LB-DB
Hadd, Gary1988 - 1989DT-NT
Haddad, Drew2002 - 2004WR
Hadden, Al1925 - 1930WB-FB-TB-HB
Haddix, Michael1983 - 1990RB
Haddix, Wayne1987 - 1991CB
Haden, Jack1936 - 1938T
Haden, Joe2010 - 2018CB
Haden, Nick1986G-C
Haden, Pat1976 - 1981QB
Hadl, John1962 - 1977QB
Hadley, David1970 - 1971DB
Hadley, Ron1987 - 1988LB
Hadley, Spencer2014LB
Hadnot, Jim1980 - 1983RB
Hadnot, Rex2004 - 2012G-C
Haeg, Joe2016 - 2018T-G
Hafen, Barney1949 - 1950E-DE
Haffner, Mike1968 - 1971WR
Hagan, Derek2006 - 2014WR
Hagans, Marques2007 - 2008WR
Hagberg, Roger1965 - 1969RB-TE
Hagberg, Swede1929 - 1930C-WB-FB-T
Hageman, Fred1961 - 1964LB-C
Hageman, Ra'Shede2014 - 2016DE
Hagen, Halvor1969 - 1975G-DE-T-C
Hagen, Mike1987RB
Hagenbuckle, Vern1926E-G
Hager, Britt1989 - 1997LB
Hager, Bryce2015 - 2018LB
Hagerty, Horse1930FB-TB
Hagerty, Jack1926 - 1932TB-WB-BB-FB
Hagg, Eric2011 - 2012S
Haggan, Mario2003 - 2012LB
Haggans, Clark2000 - 2012LB
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