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Note: To be listed, a player must have played at least one regular season game in the NFL (1920-present) or AFL (1960-69).

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Player NameYears PlayedPosition(s)
Jack, Eric1994CB
Jack, Myles2016 - 2018LB-S
Jacke, Chris1989 - 1999K
Jackson, Adoree'2017 - 2018CB
Jackson, Al1994CB
Jackson, Al2000 - 2002G
Jackson, Alfred1978 - 1984WR
Jackson, Alfred1989 - 1996CB
Jackson, Alonzo2003 - 2005DE
Jackson, Andrew1987RB
Jackson, Andrew2014LB
Jackson, AndrewG
Jackson, Arnold2001 - 2002WR
Jackson, Asa2012 - 2017CB
Jackson, BennettCB
Jackson, Bernard1972 - 1980DB
Jackson, Bernard2002DT
Jackson, Bill1982DB
Jackson, Billy1981 - 1984RB
Jackson, Bo1987 - 1990RB
Jackson, Bob1950 - 1951FB
Jackson, Bobby1960 - 1961DB
Jackson, Bobby1978 - 1985DB
Jackson, Bobby1962 - 1965FB
Jackson, Brad1999 - 2002LB
Jackson, Branden2016 - 2018DE
Jackson, Brandon2007 - 2012RB
Jackson, Brian2010 - 2011CB
Jackson, Calvin1994 - 1999CB-S
Jackson, Cedric1991RB
Jackson, Chad2006 - 2008WR
Jackson, Charles1987DB
Jackson, Charles1978 - 1986LB
Jackson, Charlie1958 - 1960DB
Jackson, Chevis2008 - 2010CB
Jackson, Chris2000 - 2003WR
Jackson, Cleveland1979TE
Jackson, Corey2004DE
Jackson, Curtis2000 - 2001WR
Jackson, DariusRB
Jackson, Darius2016 - 2018RB
Jackson, Darrell2000 - 2008WR
Jackson, David1987WR
Jackson, DeSean2008 - 2018WR
Jackson, Dexter1999 - 2008S
Jackson, Dexter2008WR
Jackson, Don1936TB-DB
Jackson, Don2016RB
Jackson, Donte2018CB
Jackson, D'Qwell2006 - 2016LB
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