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Note: To be listed, a player must have played at least one regular season game in the NFL (1920-present) or AFL (1960-69).

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Player NameYears PlayedPosition(s)
Laack, Galen1958G
Laakso, Eric1978 - 1984T-G
Laaveg, Paul1970 - 1975G
LaBeaux, Sandy1983DB
Labinjo, Mike2004 - 2005LB
LaBissoniere, Tony1922C
LaBounty, Matt1993 - 2001DE-DT
LaBoy, Travis2004 - 2011DE-LB
LaCasse, Ryan2006LB
Lacey, Bob1964 - 1965WR
Lacey, Deon2017 - 2018LB
Lacey, Jacob2009 - 2012CB
Lach, Steve1942 - 1947FB-WB
LaChapelle, Sean1993 - 1996WR
Lachey, Jim1985 - 1995T
Lacina, Corbin1994 - 2003G
Lackman, Rick1933 - 1935HB-DB-TB
LaCosse, Matt2015 - 2018TE
LaCrosse, Dave1977LB
Lacy, Chris2018WR
Lacy, Eddie2013 - 2017RB
Lacy, Ken1984 - 1987FB
Ladd, Anthony1998WR
Ladd, Ernie1961 - 1968DT
Ladd, Jim1954E
Ladler, Kenny2014 - 2018S
Ladorum, Doc1921FB
LaDouceur, L. P.2005 - 2018LS
Ladrow, Wally1921HB
Ladson, Tiny1922G
Ladygo, Pete1952 - 1954G-LB
Lafary, Dave1977 - 1985T-G
LaFavor, Tron2003DT
LaFell, Brandon2010 - 2018WR
LaFitte, Bill1944E
Lafleur, Bill2002 - 2003P
LaFleur, David1997 - 2000TE
LaFleur, Greg1981 - 1986TE
LaFleur, Joe1922 - 1924G-FB-C-HB
LaFluer, Matt2008 - 2020
Lage, Dick1961E
Lageman, Jeff1989 - 1998DE
Lagod, Chet1953G
LaGrand, Morris1975RB
Lahar, Hal1941G
LaHood, Mike1969 - 1972G
Lahr, Warren1950 - 1959DB
Laidlaw, Scott1975 - 1980RB
Laing, Aaron1994 - 1997TE
Lainhart, Porter1933BB-DB
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