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Note: To be listed, a player must have played at least one regular season game in the NFL (1920-present) or AFL (1960-69).

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Player NameYears PlayedPosition(s)
Oakes, Don1961 - 1968T-DT
Oakley, Anthony2007G
Oakley, Charley1954DB
Oas, Ben1929C-BB
Oates, Bart1985 - 1995C
Oates, Brad1976 - 1981T-G
Oatis, Victor1983WR
Oats, Carleton1965 - 1973DE-DT
Obada, Efe2018DE
O'Bard, Ronnie1985DB
Obeck, Vic1945G
Obee, Dunc1941C-LB
Obee, Terry1991 - 1993WR
Oben, Roman1996 - 2007T
Oberbroekling, Ray1924T
Oberg, Tom1968 - 1969DB
O'Berry, Herman1996C-S
Obiozor, Cyril2009 - 2010LB
Obomanu, Ben2007 - 2013WR
O'Boyle, Harry1928 - 1933BB-DB-FB-LB
O'Bradovich, Ed1962 - 1971DE
Obradovich, Jim1975 - 1983TE
O'Brien, Bill2007 - 2020
O'Brien, Bill1947HB-DB
O'Brien, Con1921T
O'Brien, Dave1963 - 1967DT
O'Brien, Davey1939 - 1940QB-DB-TB
O'Brien, Fran1959 - 1968T-G-DE
O'Brien, Gail1934 - 1936T
O'Brien, Jack1954 - 1956E-DE
O'Brien, Jack1929HB
O'Brien, Jim1970 - 1973WR-K
O'Brien, Ken1984 - 1993QB
O'Brien, Mike1979DB
Obrovac, Mike1981 - 1983T-G
Obst, Henry1931 - 1933G
O'Callaghan, John1987TE
O'Callaghan, Ryan2006 - 2010T
Ochi, Victor2016LB
O'Connell, Grat1926 - 1927E
O'Connell, Harry1924T
O'Connell, Jake2009 - 2012TE
O'Connell, Kevin2008QB
O'Connell, Milt1924 - 1925E
O'Connell, Tommy1953 - 1961QB
O'Connor, Bill1951E-DE
O'Connor, Bob1935G-T-DE-BB
O'Connor, Dan1920 - 1921G-T
O'Connor, Frank1926T
O'Connor, Fred1978
O'Connor, Pat2017DE
O'Connor, Paul1987G
O'Connor, Red1920 - 1924E
O'Connor, Tom1987P
Octavien, Steve2008 - 2010LB
O'Daniel, Dorian2018LB
Odegard, Don1990 - 1991DB
O'Dell, Stu1974 - 1978LB
O'Delli, Mel1945HB-DB
Oden, Curly1925 - 1932BB-WB-TB
Oden, Derrick1993 - 1995LB
Oden, McDonald1980 - 1982TE
Odenigbo, IfeadiDE
Odenigbo, Ifeadi2018DE
Odhiambo, Rees2016 - 2018G
Odighizuwa, Owamagbe (Owa)2015 - 2016DE
Odle, Phil1968 - 1970WR
Odom, Antwan2004 - 2010DE
Odom, Chris2017LB
Odom, Cliff1980 - 1993LB
Odom, Henry1983RB
Odom, Jason1996 - 1999T
Odom, Joe2003 - 2005LB
Odom, Ricky1978 - 1979DB
Odom, Sammy1964LB
Odom, Steve1974 - 1979WR
Odomes, Nate1987 - 1996CB
Odoms, Riley1972 - 1983TE
O'Donahue, Pat1952 - 1955DE
O'Donnell, Dick1923 - 1931E
O'Donnell, Joe1964 - 1971G-T
O'Donnell, Neil1991 - 2003QB
O'Donnell, Pat2014 - 2018P
O'Donoghue, Neil1977 - 1985K
Odrick, Jared2010 - 2016DT-DE
Odson, Urban1946 - 1949T
Odum, George2018S
O'Dwyer, Matt1995 - 2004G
Oech, Vern1936 - 1937G
Oehler, Cap1933 - 1936C-LB
Oehlrich, Arnie1928 - 1929WB-BB
Oelerich, John1938HB-DB
Offerdahl, John1986 - 1993LB
Office, Kendrick2001 - 2002DE
Office, Tony1987LB
Offord, Willie2002 - 2005S
Ofodile, A. J.1997 - 1999TE
Ogas, Dave1968 - 1969LB
Ogbah, Emmanuel2016 - 2018LB-DE
Ogbogu, Eric1998 - 2005DE
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