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Note: To be listed, a player must have played at least one regular season game in the NFL (1920-present) or AFL (1960-69).

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Player NameYears PlayedPosition(s)
Raab, Marc1993 - 1998C
Raba, Bob1977 - 1981TE
Rabach, Casey2002 - 2010C-G
Rabb, Warren1960 - 1962QB
Rabold, Mike1959 - 1967G
Raborn, Buster1936 - 1937C-LB
Rachal, Chilo2008 - 2012G-T
Rachal, Latario1997 - 1998WR
Racis, Frank1925 - 1931G-T-E
Rackers, Neil2000 - 2011K
Rackley, David1985WR
Rackley, Derek2000 - 2007TE
Rackley, Will2011 - 2013G
Radachowsky, George1984 - 1989DB
Rade, John1983 - 1991LB
Radecic, Keith1987C
Radecic, Scott1984 - 1995LB
Rademacher, Bill1964 - 1970WR-DB
Rader, Jason2006 - 2008TE
Radford, Bruce1979 - 1981NT-DE
Radick, Ken1930 - 1931E-G-T
Radloff, Wayne1985 - 1989C-G
Rado, Alex1934HB-DB
Rado, George1935 - 1938G-DE
Radosevich, George1954 - 1956C-T
Radovich, Bill1938 - 1945G
Radzievitch, Vic1926BB-G-FB
Rae, Mike1976 - 1979QB
Raemer, Norbert1942G
Raffel, Bill1932E
Rafferty, Ian1999G-T
Rafferty, Tom1976 - 1989C-G
Rafferty, Vince1987C-G
Rafter, Billy1921 - 1924BB-WB-FB
Ragazzo, Phil1938 - 1947T-G
Ragland, Reggie2017 - 2018LB
Raglin, Floyd1987WR
Ragnow, Frank2018C-G
Ragone, Dave2003QB
Ragsdale, George1977 - 1979RB-WR
Ragunas, Vince1949BB-LB-FB
Ragusa, Pat1987K
Raible, Steve1976 - 1981WR
Raiff, Jim1954T
Raimey, Dave1964DB
Rainer, Wali1999 - 2005LB
Raines, Mike1974DT-DE
Rainey, Bobby2013 - 2017RB
Rainey, Chris2012 - 2013RB
Rains, Dan1982 - 1986LB
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