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Note: To be listed, a player must have played at least one regular season game in the NFL (1920-present) or AFL (1960-69).

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Player NameYears PlayedPosition(s)
Ucovich, Mitch1944 - 1945T
Udeze, Kenechi2004 - 2007DE
Uecker, Keith1982 - 1991T-G
Ugoh, Tony2007 - 2011T-G
Uguccioni, Rocky1944E-DE
Uhlenhake, Jeff1989 - 1997C
Uhrinyak, Steve1939G
Uko, George2014DT
Ulbrich, Jeff2000 - 2009LB
Ulinski, Harry1950 - 1956C
Ullery, Jiggs1922WB-FB
Ulmer, Artie1999 - 2005LB
Ulmer, Mike1980 - 1987DB
Ulrich, Chuck1954 - 1958DT
Ulrich, Matt2005 - 2006G
Ulrick, John2015 - 2017T-G
Ulufale, Mike1996DT
Umenyiora, Osi2003 - 2014DE
Umont, Frank1944 - 1945G-T
Umphrey, Rich1982 - 1985C-G
Unck, Mason2003 - 2006LB
Underwood, Brandon2009 - 2010CB
Underwood, Dimitrius2000 - 2001DE
Underwood, Jack1924 - 1929E-G-C
Underwood, John1923G
Underwood, Marviel2005S
Underwood, Olen1965 - 1971LB
Underwood, Tiquan2009 - 2013WR
Underwood, Wayne1937T
Unga, J. J.2013G
Unga, Uani'2015LB
Unger, Max2009 - 2018C-G-T
Ungerer, Joe1944 - 1945T
Unitas, Johnny1956 - 1973QB
Unitas, Pong1921G
Unrein, Mitch2011 - 2017DT-DE
Unrein, Terry1986 - 1987NT-DE
Unutoa, Morris1996 - 2002C
Unverzagt, Eric1996 - 1997LB
Upchurch, Rick1975 - 1983WR
Uperesa, Tuufuli1971G
Upshaw, Courtney2012 - 2017LB
Upshaw, Gene1967 - 1981G
Upshaw, Marv1968 - 1976DE-DT
Upshaw, Regan1996 - 2004DE
Uram, Andy1938 - 1943HB
Urban, Alex1941 - 1945DE-E
Urban, Brent2015 - 2018DE-DT
Urban, Jerheme2004 - 2011WR
Urban, Luke1921 - 1923E-BB
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