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Note: To be listed, a player must have played at least one regular season game in the NFL (1920-present) or AFL (1960-69).

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Player NameYears PlayedPosition(s)
Yablock, Izzy1930 - 1931BB-TB
Yablonski, Vinnie1948 - 1951FB-LB
Yaccino, John1962DB
Yagiello, Ray1948 - 1949G-LB
Yakavonis, Ray1981 - 1983NT
Yamini, Bashir2000WR
Yancey, DeAngeloWR
Yanchar, Bill1970DT
Yancy, Carlos1995CB
Yanda, Marshal2007 - 2018G-T
Yankey, David2016G
Yankowski, Ron1971 - 1980DE
Yarber, Eric1986 - 1987WR
Yarborough, Ryan1994 - 1998WR
Yarbrough, Eddie2017 - 2018DE
Yarbrough, Jim1969 - 1977T
Yarbrough, Jim1987DB
Yarno, George1979 - 1989G-C-T
Yarno, John1977 - 1982C
Yarr, Tommy1933C-LB
Yary, Ron1968 - 1982T
Yates, Billy2003 - 2010G
Yates, Bob1961 - 1965T-C
Yates, Max2004LB
Yates, T. J.2011 - 2017QB
Yeager, Howie1941WB-DB
Yeager, Jim1926T-G
Yearby, Bill1966DE
Yeast, Craig1999 - 2001WR
Yeates, Jeff1974 - 1984DE-DT-G
Yeatman, Will2011 - 2013T
Yeats, James1960TE
Yeboah-Kodie, Phil1996LB
Yeisley, Don1928E
Yelder, Don2018TE
Yeldon, T. J.2015 - 2018RB
Yelverton, Bill1960DE
Yelvington, Dick1952 - 1957T
Yepremian, Garo1966 - 1981K
Yerges, Howard1920TB
Yewcic, Tom1961 - 1966QB-P-HB
Yezerski, John1936T
Yiadom, Isaac2018CB
Yoder, Todd2000 - 2009TE
Yohn, Dave1962 - 1963LB
Yoho, Mack1960 - 1963DE-K
Yonakor, John1950 - 1952DE-E-DT
Youboty, Ashton2006 - 2011CB
Youel, Jim1946 - 1948QB-DB
Youmans, Maury1960 - 1965DE
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