1921 Rochester Jeffersons

Head Coach: Jack Forsyth
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
BB/WB/FBBilly Rafter1110/07/1895' "Syracuse
EJoe DuMoe2209/11/1894' "Lafayette
TJim Barron4111/10/1890' "Georgetown
C/G/T/EDoc Alexander4104/01/1898' "Syracuse
BB/WB/EJerry Noonan5110/13/1898' "Fordham
G/T/CFrank Whitcomb3212/07/1896' "Syracuse
G/C/T/EJoe Bachmaier4203/11/1895' " none
WB/FB/RBBob Argus5201/1894' " none
T/GFrank Morrissey5103/11/1899' "Boston College
G/TJim Dufft1106/25/1896' "Fordham
TB/BB/WBBenny Boynton3112/06/1898' "Williams (CT)
C/G/THank Smith5207/23/1893' " none
TB/WBHoward Berry4112/31/1894' "Penn State
ESpin Roy211897' " none
GEarl Ettenhaus111902' " none
G/T/CJimmy Woods3205/05/1894' " none
G/E/WBBen Clime1210/14/1891' "Swarthmore
WB/FB/EJohn Hasbrouck2101/20/1895' "Rutgers
T/G/CLou Usher121898' "Syracuse
G/E/TDarby Lowery42' " none
E/TB/BB/GRay Witter5202/19/1896' "Syracuse
FB/G/WB/TJim Laird6209/10/1897' "Colgate
T/E/BB/FBCarl Thomas5203/02/1897' "Pennsylvania

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