1923 Racine Legion

Head Coach: Babe Ruetz
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
FB/RBShorty Barr10105/28/1896' "Wisconsin
TA. C. Bauer111900' "?
WB/EJimmy Baxter1107/19/1892' " none
TBull Braman6208/04/1897' "Yale
BB/QBChuck Dressen1309/20/1898' " none
TB/WBAl Elliott10210/13/1894' "Wisconsin
TB/G/T/BBBob Foster8201/1886' " none
FB/WB/BB/TBHank Gillo10410/05/1894' "Colgate
G/TBud Gorman10206/27/1996' " none
E/WBDick Halladay7110/29/1900' "Chicago
G/T/CGeorge Hartong8207/18/1896' "Chicago
E/WB/BBFritz Heinisch6206/22/1900' " none
GJack Hueller9209/29/1898' " none
WB/BB/TBIrv Langhoff4208/1897' "Marquette
EBill McCaw3102/06/1898' "Indiana
EPaul Meyers9312/03/1894' "Wisconsin
E/TCandy Miller6202/28/1898' "Purdue
CJake Mintun10407/12/1894' " none
C/G/T/BBAl Pierotti1410/24/1895' "Washington & Lee
EFritz Roessler6210/01/1897' "Marquette
QB/HB/BB/TBMilt Romney8106/20/1899' "Chicago
TLen Smith10112/14/1896' "Wisconsin
THowie Stark3112/20/1896' "Wisconsin
WB/BBRollie Williams2110/11/1897' "Wisconsin

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