1925 Cleveland Bulldogs

Head Coach: Cap Edwards
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
CLarry Conover11303/1894' "Penn State
G/T/E/CSwede Youngstrom1605/24/1897' "Dartmouth
FB/TB/WBDoc Elliott14404/06/1900' "Lafayette
C/G/BBWalt Kreinheder5309/08/1901' "Michigan
G/E/CAl Nesser7606/06/1893' " none
BB/TBWooky Roberts2409/01/1897' "Navy
EFrank Garden1306/03/1998' " none
GRalph Vince6203/18/1900' "Washington & Jefferson
EGlen Carberry1304/10/1896' "Notre Dame
G/C/TDutch Wallace10304/18/1909' " none
G/TRuss Meredith9206/27/1897' "West Virginia
E/TTruck Myers2304/16/1897' "Ohio State
EInky Williams951897' "Brown
TBAl Michaels1431900' "Ohio State
E/WBJoe Work4301/25/1900' "Miami (OH)
E/BB/TBDutch Webber4212/15/1901' "Kansas State
WB/BB/FBDick Wolf14308/20/1900' "Miami (OH)
T/GHugh Sprinkle731897' "Carnegie-Mellon
TChalmers Ault1207/10/1900' "West Virginia Wesleyan
WBDave Noble13207/29/1900' "Nebraska
CCarl Cardarelli1209/08/1895' " none
G/TWalt Sechrist2309/19/1896' " none
T/G*Steve Owen1204/21/1898' "Phillips
G/C/TMilt Rehnquist4202/04/1897' "Bethany (KS)
TChase Clements1112/31/1901' "Washington & Jefferson
E/TGeorge Baldwin9105/03/1902' "Virginia
EHerb Bauer2110/13/1906' "Baldwin-Wallace
TPhil Branon1109/27/1898' "Holy Cross
FB/BB/TB/WBObie Bristow1104/17/1900' "Oklahoma
GKarl Broadley4111/10/1895' "Bethany (WV)
G/TAlf Cobb9306/1892' "Syracuse
FBGus Eckberg111901' "West Virginia
GRudy Kutler1111/14/1901' "Ohio State
EEd Loucks6109/15/1895' "Washington & Jefferson
TB/WBNick Nardacci211903' "West Virginia
WBRay Norton111900' " none
EMaury Segal511902' " none
TBob Spiers3201/04/1895' "Ohio State
FB/TB/BB/WBGene Stringer10105/29/1903' "John Carroll
EPaul Suchy2103/28/1904' " none

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