1925 Milwaukee Badgers

Head Coach: Johnny Bryan
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
T/GAdrian Baril2306/04/1898' "St. Thomas
FB/RBShorty Barr49305/28/1896' "Wisconsin
E/G/T/CRoman Brumm5203/05/1898' "Wisconsin
HB/QB/TB/WBJohnny Bryan5402/28/1897' "Chicago
TBJack Daniels111909' " none
BBDarroll DeLaPorte1110/30/1903' " none
T/G/EPat Dunnigan6301/24/1894' "Minnesota
E/BB/GJohn Fahay1106/16/1902' "Marquette
FB/WB/BB/TBHank Gillo2610/05/1894' "Colgate
FBSam Mason6207/21/1899' "Virginia Military Institute
HB/WB/DB/TB*Johnny McNally6111/27/1903' "St. John's (MN)
E/GHeinie Miller1301/01/1893' "Pennsylvania
G/TPeaches Nadolney6405/23/1899' "Notre Dame
E/TClem Neacy6207/19/1898' "Colgate
FB/TB/BBChuck Reichow2103/19/1901' "St. Thomas
FBCharlie Richardson1112/23/1907' " none
EFritz Roessler6410/01/1897' "Marquette
TBill Ryan12' "Fordham
C/T/GFrank Rydzewski3606/01/1892' "Notre Dame
TBJim Snyder1101/1909' " none
CBill Thompson111907' " none
G/TFestus Tierney3407/01/1899' "Minnesota
CBarney Traynor5111/24/1896' "Colgate

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