1926 Hammond Pros

Head Coach: Doc Young
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
WB/RB/FB/TDunc Annan3608/10/1895' "Chicago
EGene Bedford1212/02/1896' "Southern Methodist
G/T/CGeorge Berry1502/18/1900' " none
WB/TB/FB/BBSol Butler1407/26/1897' "Dubuque
WB/BBCharley Carr2101/21/1904' "Western Michigan
TRalph Chase11' "Pittsburgh
E/TB/BB/FBHarry Curzon4211/12/1895' " none
G/TGeorge Dahlgren2304/17/1887' "Beloit
TGeorge Fisher2108/17/1901' "Indiana
FB/TB/WBBuck Gavin3706/22/1895' " none
ERay Hahn3111/19/1997' "Kansas State
WB/FBDick Hudson2310/07/1898' " none
T/GMerle Hunter1204/28/1906' " none
FBJack McKetes11' " none
BBBill Nagida11' " none
T/GRay Neal2411/01/1897' "Washington & Jefferson
T/CDon Nelson1102/10/1903' "Ohio Wesleyan
WB/E/TBObie Newman121900' "Carnegie-Mellon
BB/WB/TBEd Robinson1408/26/1904' " none
C/T/GFrank Rydzewski4706/01/1892' "Notre Dame
G/TWalt Sechrist4409/19/1896' " none
G/CRuss Smith3611/11/1895' "Illinois
BB/WB/TB/FBRube Ursella1501/11/1890' " none
T/G/CLou Usher451898' "Syracuse
BBHal Wendler1101/20/1902' "Ohio State
EInky Williams361897' "Brown

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