1926 Providence Steam Roller

Head Coach: Jim Laird
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
G/TSpeed Braney72' "Fordham
G/TJack Donahue1311905' "Boston College
CDolph Eckstein13205/07/1902' "Brown
BB/WB/TBCarl Etelman1104/02/1900' "Tufts
FBDutch Forst2102/17/1991' "Villanova
EFranny Garvey10205/18/1901' "Holy Cross
E/G/C/LBArchie Golembeski9205/25/1900' "Holy Cross
EFred Graham1112/11/1900' "West Virginia
TMike Gulian13407/29/1900' "Brown
E/GVern Hagenbuckle21' "Dartmouth
WBSwede Hummell4105/20/1902' "Lombard
TBJack Keefer11105/01/1900' "Brown
TLou Koplow1102/01/1904' "Boston University
T/G/EJoe Kozlowsky10208/09/1901' "Boston College
FB/G/WB/TJim Laird9509/10/1897' "Colgate
EPinky Lester8103/13/1900' " none
WB/TBWaddy MacPhae10112/23/1899' "Princeton
TB/FBJim Manning1111/20/1900' "Fordham
GEd McCrillis1109/07/1904' "Brown
BBJoe McGlone1109/12/1896' "Harvard
WBAl McIntosh2204/12/1903' "Rhode Island
BB/WB/TBCurly Oden13205/10/1899' "Brown
HBSeneca Samson2111/10/1899' "Brown
C/G/TBob Scott6108/08/1895' " none
WBFrank Seyboth1104/05/1904' "Vermont
TB/FB/WBLou Smyth3703/19/1898' "Centre
E/T/FB/WBJack Spellman12206/14/1899' "Brown
E/WBJim Stifler7108/25/1901' "Brown
WB/FB/TB/DBFred Sweet9208/17/1901' "Brown
EJohn Talbot2104/27/1900' "Brown
FBJack Triggs3101/11/1903' "Providence
TB/WB/BB/FBCy Wentworth8201/02/1904' "New Hampshire
C/G/T/FBBull Wesley7109/26/1901' "Alabama
G/C/T/ELloyd Young13205/27/1903' "North Dakota

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