1928 New York Giants

Head Coach: Earl Potteiger
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
ENeely Allison13305/14/1902' "Texas A&M
BB/TB/WBAl Bloodgood5409/05/1901' "Nebraska
RB/FBBruce Caldwell10102/08/1906' "Yale
FB/WBOx Eckhardt112112/23/1901' "Texas
E/DE*Ray Flaherty1209/01/1904' "Gonzaga
G/T/E/CHec Garvey11502/20/1900' "Notre Dame
TB/WB/BB/FBJack Hagerty11307/03/1903' "Georgetown
TB/BB/FB/WBHinkey Haines9412/23/1898' "Penn State
G/T/CBug Hartzog13104/11/1901' "Baylor
TJohn Holman111902' "?
T/DE/E/G*Cal Hubbard13210/31/1900' "Geneva
E/G/TPaul Jappe12401/16/1898' "Syracuse
DB/FB/TB/RBJack McBride9411/30/1901' "Syracuse
TCentury Milstead11301/01/1900' "Yale
DB/TB/WB/LBHap Moran1307/31/1901' "Carnegie-Mellon
C/G/E/FBMickey Murtagh10304/08/1904' "Georgetown
G/E/CAl Nesser4906/06/1893' " none
T/G*Steve Owen12504/21/1898' "Phillips
T/GBabe Parnell1401/09/1901' "Allegheny
FB/BB/WBTony Plansky6106/20/1900' "Georgetown
WB/BB/E/FBEarl Potteiger7801/11/1891' "Ursinus
CMax Reed3405/15/1902' "Bucknell
TRudy Rosatti11509/12/1895' "Michigan
GPaul Schuette4103/10/1906' "Wisconsin
BB/G/TB/FBRed Smith1205/18/1904' "Notre Dame
C/G/T/FBBull Wesley5309/26/1901' "Alabama
WB/DB/FB/TBMule Wilson13308/08/1903' "Texas A&M

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