1930 Chicago Cardinals

Head Coach: *Ernie Nevers
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
BB/TB/HB/WBBullet Baker10411/04/1900' "Southern California
WB/FB/EBunny Belden12212/07/1900' "St. Mary's (CA)
E/DE/T/GHerb Blumer11603/07/1900' "Missouri
FB/WBGeorge Bogue4102/10/1906' "Stanford
WB/FBBill Boyd1211907' "Westminster (MO)
G/TCharlie Diehl6101/13/1905' "Idaho
CMickey Erickson12105/16/1905' "Northwestern
GFred Failing1106/07/1904' "Central Michigan
FB/TB/WB/BBMack Flenniken1011905' "Geneva
T/GLou Gordon10107/15/1908' "Illinois
GPhil Handler9107/21/1908' "Texas Christian
E/DEChuck Kassel13411/20/1903' "Illinois
E/DE/GGeorge Kenneally11504/12/1902' "St. Bonaventure
G/T*Walt Kiesling11503/27/1903' "St. Thomas
WB/TB/BBMickey MacDonnell8701/1904' " none
WBHowie Maple8107/20/1903' "Oregon State
FB*Ernie Nevers11406/11/1903' "Stanford
G/E/T/BBJoe Pappio421903' "Haskell Indian
C/LB/G/EClare Randolph9105/02/1907' "Indiana
BB/WB/TBCobb Rooney10703/23/1900' " none
WB/FB/BBGene Rose12207/11/1904' "Wisconsin
TDuke Slater13908/14/1866' "Iowa
T/E/DEJess Tinsley10210/18/1908' "Louisiana State
EJohn Vesser9210/01/1900' "Idaho
GBuck Weaver6111/01/1905' "Chicago
T/E/G/CJake Williams921904' "Texas Christian

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