1961 Pittsburgh Steelers

Head Coach: Buddy Parker
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
CEd Beatty6704/06/1932' "Mississippi
TCharlie Bradshaw12403/13/1936' "Baylor
QBRudy Bukich11703/15/1932' "Southern California
DBLen Burnett4108/29/1939' "Oregon
DB/RBBill Butler10307/10/1937' "Tennessee - Chattanooga
E/HBPreston Carpenter13601/24/1934' "Arkansas
TEHenry Clement14R06/15/1939' "North Carolina
WRBob Coronado5105/22/1936' "University of Pacific
DBWillie Daniel14111/10/1937' "Mississippi State
DEGeorge Demko1108/10/2035' "Appalachian State
DBDean Derby5506/11/1935' "Washington
WR/EBuddy Dial14301/17/1937' "Rice
PBobby Joe Green14205/07/1936' "Florida
DB/HB/WR/EDick Haley8310/02/1937' "Pittsburgh
LBMike Henry10308/15/1936' "Southern California
RBDick Hoak14R12/08/1939' "Penn State
T/CDan James14208/10/1937' "Ohio State
FB/HB/DB*John Henry Johnson14811/24/1929' "Arizona State
DE/DT/TJohn Kapele14210/19/1937' "Brigham Young
DB/HBBrady Keys12105/19/1936' "Colorado State
TDick Klein2402/11/1934' "Iowa
DTJoe Krupa14607/06/1933' "Purdue
QB*Bobby Layne81412/19/1926' "Texas
DT/DEBig Daddy Lipscomb14908/09/1921' " none
WR/HBRed Mack11R06/19/1937' "Notre Dame
ESteve Meilinger4512/12/1930' "Kentucky
DE/KLou Michaels14409/28/1935' "Kentucky
GJohn Nisby13509/09/1936' "University of Pacific
QBTerry Nofsinger5R07/13/1938' "Utah
C/LBBuzz Nutter14802/16/1931' "Virginia Tech
LBMyron Pottios14R01/18/1939' "Notre Dame
LB/GJohn Reger14709/11/1931' "Pittsburgh
DB/HBJohnny Sample14406/15/1937' "Maryland - Eastern Shore
GMike Sandusky12503/14/1935' "Maryland
FB/HBCharlie Scales14201/11/1938' "Indiana
LBBob Schmitz14R09/10/1938' "Montana State
EBob Schnelker8910/17/1928' "Bowling Green State
LBWilbert Scott4R03/13/1939' "Indiana
DBJackie Simpson8404/02/1934' "Florida
HBJack Stanton2106/07/1938' "North Carolina State
DT/DE/G*Ernie Stautner141204/20/1925' "Boston College
GRon Stehouwer14202/04/1937' "Colorado State
DE/LB/CGeorge Tarasovic12805/06/1930' "Louisiana State
HB/FBTom Tracy14609/07/1934' "Tennessee

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