1962 San Francisco 49ers

Head Coach: Red Hickey
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
DEClark Miller10108/11/1938' "Utah State
DBEddie Dove14404/04/1937' "Colorado
GTed Connolly13812/05/1931' "Tulsa
TE/WRAaron Thomas2211/07/1937' "Oregon State
DT/T*Leo Nomellini141306/19/1924' "Minnesota
DT/DE/TRoland Lakes14212/25/1939' "Wichita State
QBJohn Brodie14608/14/1935' "Stanford
TLen Rohde14304/16/1938' "Utah State
FB/HB/DBJ. D. Smith14707/19/1932' "North Carolina A&T
QB/HBBilly Kilmer12209/05/1939' "UCLA
DT/DECharlie Krueger14401/28/1937' "Texas A&M
WRBernie Casey13206/08/1939' "Bowling Green
CB/WR*Jimmy Johnson12203/31/1938' "UCLA
T*Bob St. Clair81002/18/1931' "Tulsa
G/TLeon Donohue14103/25/1939' "San Jose State
DE/LBCarl Kammerer14203/20/1937' "University of Pacific
LB/DE/C/DTKarl Rubke14612/06/1935' "Southern California
G/C/DEBruce Bosley13711/05/1933' "West Virginia
EClyde Conner13705/18/1933' "University of Pacific
LBMatt Hazeltine14808/02/1933' "California
DBJimmy Ridlon9607/11/1934' "Syracuse
DBJerry Mertens14511/12/1934' "Drake
G/T/LBJohn Thomas14501/25/1935' "University of Pacific
DB/HBAbe Woodson14502/15/1934' "Illinois
KTommy Davis14410/13/1934' "Louisiana State
FBC.R. Roberts2402/29/1936' "Southern California
C/DT/TJohn Mellekas11606/14/1933' "Arizona
DEDaniel Colchico14305/27/1935' "San Jose State
DBElbert Kimbrough14203/24/1938' "Northwestern
TEMonty Stickles14308/16/1938' "Notre Dame
WRKay McFarland6104/10/1938' "Colorado State
GMike Magac14305/25/1938' "Missouri
LBEd Pine14R07/13/1940' "Utah
HB/WR/DBDale Messer13208/06/1937' "Fresno State
FB/LBBill Cooper10207/12/1939' "Muskingum
HBBob Gaiters9202/26/1938' "New Mexico State
HBJim Vollenweider14R09/02/1939' "Miami (FL)
QBBob Waters7306/22/1938' "Presbyterian
FBLloyd Winston2109/22/1939' "Southern California
TJohn Sutro5R05/08/1940' "San Jose State

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