1970 Cincinnati Bengals

Head Coach: *Paul Brown
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
DTSteve Chomyszak14402/27/1944' "Syracuse
TEBruce Coslet14208/05/1946' "Pacific
DB/WRKen Dyer12203/16/1946' "Arizona State
DBKenny Graham5711/25/1941' "Washington State
QBSam Wyche14301/05/1945' "Furman
DB/KFletcher Smith14510/13/1943' "Tennessee State
TEMike Kelly12101/14/1948' "Davidson
DEMarty Baccaglio14309/28/1944' "San Jose State
DTMike Reid9R05/24/1947' "Penn State
DT/DERon Carpenter14R06/24/1948' "North Carolina State
WR/DBEric Crabtree14511/03/1944' "Pittsburgh
DTFrank Cornish1506/20/1944' "Grambling State
DERoyce Berry14204/14/1946' "Houston
RBRon Lamb14302/03/1944' "South Carolina
RBPaul Robinson14312/19/1944' "Arizona
DBAl Coleman11312/27/1944' "Tennessee State
DENick Roman4R09/23/1947' "Ohio State
RB/DBJess Phillips14302/28/1947' "Michigan State
DBJohn Guillory7207/28/1945' "Stanford
T/GHoward Fest14304/11/1946' "Texas
DBKen Riley14208/06/1947' "Florida A&M
LBKen Avery14405/23/1944' "Southern Mississippi
TEBob Trumpy11303/06/1945' "Utah
G/TMike Wilson14210/20/1947' "Dayton
TErnie Wright141111/06/1939' "Ohio State
LBBill Bergey14202/09/1945' "Arkansas State
RBDoug Dressler14108/19/1948' "Cal State - Chico
LBAl Beauchamp14306/25/1944' "Southern
DBLemar Parrish14R12/13/1947' "Lincoln (MO)
LB/TEBill Peterson14306/06/1945' "San Jose State
WRChip Myers14308/09/1945' "Northwestern Oklahoma State
DT/DEWillie Jones10305/28/1942' "Kansas State
GPat Matson14507/22/1944' "Oregon
RBPaul Dunn5R07/14/1948' "U.S. International
DEMarty Amsler3310/26/1942' "Ivy Tech State - SW Indiana (JC)
KHorst Muhlmann14201/02/1940' " none
RBEssex Johnson13310/15/1946' "Grambling State
LBWayne McClure14207/02/1942' "Mississippi
QBVirgil Carter13311/09/1945' "Brigham Young
DBSandy Durko1R08/29/1948' "Southern California
TRufus Mayes14212/05/1947' "Ohio State
CBob Johnson14308/19/1946' "Tennessee
WRSpeedy Thomas14204/13/1947' "Utah
G/CGuy Dennis14202/28/1947' "Florida
QB/PDave Lewis14110/16/1945' "Stanford
LBLarry Ely11R12/09/1947' "Iowa

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