1971 Dallas Cowboys

Head Coach: *Tom Landry
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
LBDave Edwards14912/14/1939' "Auburn
WRGloster Richardson11507/18/1942' "Jackson State
KToni Fritsch2107/10/1945' " none
T/TE*Rayfield Wright14508/23/1945' "Fort Valley State (GA)
DB/WRRichmond Flowers5306/13/1947' "Tennessee
QB*Roger Staubach13302/05/1942' "Navy
T/GRodney Wallace11R02/10/1949' "New Mexico
DBCharlie Waters14209/10/1948' "Clemson
DB*Herb Adderley121106/08/1939' "Michigan State
RBJoe Williams12103/30/1947' "Wyoming
RBCalvin Hill8301/02/1947' "Yale
DBCornell Green141002/10/1940' "Utah State
QBCraig Morton10702/05/1943' "California
DEPat Toomay14205/17/1945' "Vanderbilt
DT/DEJethro Pugh12707/03/1944' "Elizabeth City State (NC)
DT*Bob Lilly141107/26/1939' "Texas Christian
WRReggie Rucker2209/21/1947' "Boston University
C/GJohn Fitzgerald14104/16/1948' "Boston College
DBMark Washington2212/28/1947' "Morgan State
DB/RB*Mel Renfro14812/30/1941' "Oregon
TEBilly Truax12807/15/1943' "Louisiana State
TRalph Neely7709/12/1943' "Oklahoma
WRMargene Adkins3204/30/1947' "Wichita State
TE*Mike Ditka141110/18/1939' "Pittsburgh
LBD. D. Lewis14310/16/1945' "Mississippi State
DBCliff Harris14211/12/1948' "Ouachita Baptist
LBChuck Howley141306/28/1936' "West Virginia
WR*Lance Alworth121008/03/1940' "Arkansas
RBDuane Thomas11206/21/1947' "West Texas A&M
DETody Smith7R12/24/1948' "Southern California
WR*Bob Hayes14712/20/1942' "Florida A&M
LBLee Roy Caffey6906/03/1941' "Texas A&M
RBDan Reeves14701/19/1944' "South Carolina
CDave Manders14702/20/1941' "Michigan State
GJohn Niland14602/29/1944' "Iowa
DE/DTLarry Cole14411/15/1946' "Hawaii
RBWalt Garrison13607/23/1944' "Oklahoma State
LBLee Roy Jordan14904/27/1941' "Alabama
PRon Widby14403/09/1945' "Tennessee
GBlaine Nye14403/29/1946' "Stanford
KMike Clark12911/07/1940' "Texas A&M
DT/DEBill Gregory14R12/14/1949' "Wisconsin
T/G/DT*Forrest Gregg61510/18/1933' "Southern Methodist
DB/WRIke Thomas7R11/04/1947' "Bishop
RBClaxton Welch14307/03/1947' "Oregon
DEGeorge Andrie141004/20/1940' "Marquette
T/GTony Liscio5807/02/1940' "Tulsa
LBThomas Stincic7311/24/1946' "Michigan
T/LBDon Talbert9803/01/1939' "Texas

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