1979 Cleveland Browns

Head Coach: Sam Rutigliano
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
WRWillis Adams16R08/22/1956' "Houston
DE/DTLyle Alzedo15904/03/1949' "Yankton
LBDick Ambrose15501/17/1953' "Virginia
DBRon Bolton16804/16/1950' "Norfolk State (VA)
NT/DTHenry Bradley5109/04/1953' "Alcorn State
GGeorge Buehler111108/10/1947' "Stanford
DBClinton Burrell16R09/04/1956' "Louisiana State
KDon Cockroft161202/06/1945' "Adams State
DBThom Darden16708/28/1950' "Michigan
DBOliver Davis16308/29/1954' "Tennessee State
CTom DeLeone16808/13/1950' "Ohio State
TDoug Dieken16902/12/1949' "Illinois
NT/DTRich Dimler12R07/18/1956' "Southern California
P/QBJohnny Evans16202/18/1956' "North Carolina State
WRRicky Feacher16402/11/1954' "Mississippi Valley State
LBDave Graf16508/05/1953' "Penn State
DEJack Gregory161310/03/1944' "Delta State (MS)
LBCharlie Hall16912/02/1948' "Houston
RBDino Hall11112/06/1955' "Rowan
RBCalvin Hill141001/02/1947' "Yale
LBGerald Irons161005/02/1947' "Maryland - Eastern Shore
G/T/CRobert Jackson16504/01/1953' "Duke
LBRobert Jackson16208/07/1954' "Texas A&M
DBLawrence Johnson16R09/11/1957' "Wisconsin
LB/DBRicky Jones16303/09/1955' "Tuskegee
WR/DBDave Logan16402/02/1954' "Colorado
LBClay Matthews16203/15/1956' "Southern California
RBCleo Miller16609/05/1952' "Arkansas - Pine Bluff
QBMark Miller2208/13/1956' "Bowling Green State
T/GMatt Miller16R07/30/1956' "Colorado
RBPat Moriarty16105/19/1955' "Georgia Tech
TEOzzie Newsome16203/15/1956' "Alabama
RBGreg Pruitt6708/18/1951' "Oklahoma
FBMike Pruitt16404/03/1954' "Purdue
DBRandy Rich16312/28/1953' "New Mexico
T/GCody Risien16R03/22/1957' "Texas A&M
WRReggie Rucker161009/21/1947' "Boston University
DBClarence Scott16904/09/1949' "Kansas State
G/THenry Sheppard16411/12/1952' "Southern Methodist
DT/DEJerry Sherk101007/07/1948' "Oklahoma State
DTMickey Sims16303/05/1955' "South Carolina State
QBBrian Sipe16608/08/1949' "San Diego State
WRJohn Smith6R01/27/1956' "Tennessee State
DEMike St. Clair16409/02/1953' "Grambling State
C/T/GGerry Sullivan16601/15/1952' "Illinois
LB/TECurtis Weathers16R09/16/1956' "Mississippi
WRKeith Wright5201/30/1956' "Memphis

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