1984 Philadelphia Eagles

Head Coach: Marion Campbell
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
NTHarvey Armstrong16312/29/1959' "Southern Methodist
GRon Baker16711/19/1954' "Oklahoma State
DE/DTGreg Brown16401/05/1957' "Eastern Illinois
NT/DTKen Clarke16708/28/1956' "Syracuse
DBEvan Cooper16R06/25/1962' "Michigan
LBBill Cowher4405/08/1957' "North Carolina State
DE/NT/TEByron Darby16206/04/1960' "Southern California
CMark Dennard16611/02/1955' "Texas A&M
DBHerman Edwards16804/27/1954' "San Diego
DBRay Ellis16404/27/1959' "Ohio State
RBMajor Everett16201/04/1960' "Mississippi College
C/GGerry Feehery6203/09/1960' "Syracuse
DBElbert Foules16207/04/1961' "Alcorn State
WRGregg Garrity4211/24/1960' "Penn State
LBAnthony Griggs16302/12/1960' "Ohio State
RBMichael Haddix14212/27/1961' "Mississippi State
RBAndre Hardy6R11/28/1961' "St. Mary's (CA)
DEDennis Harrison16707/31/1956' "Vanderbilt
RB/WRJoe Hayes12R09/15/1960' "Central Oklahoma
WRMelvin Hoover12309/21/1959' "Arizona State
SWes Hopkins16209/26/1961' "Southern Methodist
PMike Horan16102/01/1959' "Long Beach State
WRKenny Jackson11R02/15/1962' "Penn State
QBRon Jaworski131103/23/1951' "Youngstown State
TEVyto Kab16312/23/1959' "Penn State
G/TSteve Kenney11512/26/1955' "Clemson
LBRich Kraynak14201/20/1961' "Pittsburgh
QBDean May2R05/26/1962' "Louisville
KPaul McFadden16R09/24/1961' "Youngstown State
G/TDean Miraldi16304/08/1958' "Utah
DELeonard Mitchell16410/12/1958' "Houston
RBWilbert Montgomery16809/16/1954' "Abilene Christian
RBHubie Oliver16311/12/1957' "Arizona
C/GDave Pacella16102/07/1960' "Maryland
GPetey Perot12504/28/1957' "Northwestern State (LA)
QBJoe Pisarcik7807/02/1952' "New Mexico State
WRMike Quick14305/14/1959' "North Carolina State
DBLou Rash4106/05/1960' "Mississippi Valley State
LBMike Reichenbach12109/14/1961' "East Stroudsburg
LBJerry Robinson15612/18/1956' "UCLA
TRusty Russell1R08/16/1963' "South Carolina
TELawrence Sampleton16309/25/1959' "Texas
LBJody Schulz15208/17/1960' "East Carolina
T/GJerry Sisemore21207/16/1951' "Texas
TEJohn Spagnola16508/01/1957' "Yale
DE/DTThomas Strauthers16204/06/1961' "Jackson State
SAndre Waters16103/10/1962' "Cheyney (PA)
LBReggie Wilkes14705/27/1956' "Georgia Tech
LBJoel Williams16612/13/1956' "Wisconsin - La Crosse
RBMichael Williams16207/16/1961' "Mississippi College
DBBrenard Wilson16608/15/1955' "Vanderbilt
WRTony Woodruff16311/12/1958' "Fresno State
DBRoynell Young7512/01/1957' "Alcorn State

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