1994 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Head Coach: Sam Wyche
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
DE/DTChidi Ahanotu16210/11/1970' "California
TETyji Armstrong16310/03/1970' "Mississippi
GIan Beckles16507/20/1967' "Indiana
TEHarold Bishop6R04/08/1970' "Louisiana State
LBEd Brady161106/17/1962' "Illinois
LBJeff Brady16411/09/1968' "Kentucky
SCurtis Buckley13209/25/1970' "East Texas State
SBarney Bussey16905/20/1962' "South Carolina State
SMarty Carter16412/17/1969' "Middle Tennessee State
WRHorace Copeland16201/02/1971' "Miami (FL)
STony Covington14312/26/1967' "Virginia
DTBrad Culpepper16305/08/1969' "Florida
DEEric Curry15202/03/1970' "Alabama
WRLawrence Dawsey10411/16/1967' "Florida State
QBTrent Dilfer5R03/13/1972' "Fresno State
T/GScott Dill16704/05/1966' "Memphis State
CBCharles Dimry16701/31/1966' "Nevada - Las Vegas
DTSantana Dotson16312/19/1969' "Baylor
LBDemetrius DuBose16203/23/1971' "Notre Dame
QBCraig Erickson15305/17/1969' "Miami (FL)
SThomas Everett15811/21/1964' "Baylor
CBRogerick Green11212/15/1969' "Kansas State
WRWillie Green5404/02/1966' "Mississippi
TPaul Gruber16702/24/1965' "Wisconsin
TEJackie Harris9501/04/1968' "Northeast Louisiana
FBRudy Harris8209/18/1971' "Clemson
WRCourtney Hawkins13312/12/1969' "Michigan State
DEJeff Hunter1504/12/1966' "Albany State (GA)
KMichael Husted16206/16/1970' "Virginia
TTim Irwin81412/13/1958' "Tennessee
GSean Love6209/06/1968' "Penn State
SJohn Lynch16209/25/1971' "Stanford
LBLonnie Marts16411/10/1968' "Tulane
CTony Mayberry16512/08/1967' "Wake Forest
CBMartin Mayhew16610/08/1965' "Florida State
FBAnthony McDowell14311/12/1968' "Texas Tech
CBMichael McGruder15605/06/1964' "Kent
DEToddrick McIntosh4R01/22/1972' "Florida State
T/GCharles McRae15409/16/1968' "Tennessee
TE/FBDave Moore15311/11/1969' "Pittsburgh
LBHardy Nickerson14809/01/1965' "California
TPete Pierson0R02/04/1971' "Washington
DEKeith Powe5106/05/1969' "Texas - El Paso
DEShawn Price6203/28/1970' "Pacific
RBErrict Rhett16R12/11/1970' "Florida
RBMazio Royster14308/03/1970' "Southern California
CBTony Stargell10508/07/1966' "Tennessee State
PDan Stryzinski16605/15/1965' "Indiana
G/TMike Sullivan16312/22/1967' "Miami (FL)
WRLamar Thomas11202/12/1970' "Miami (FL)
WR/RBVernon Turner12501/06/1967' "Carson-Newman (TN)
QBCasey Weldon2202/03/1969' "Florida State
DTMark Wheeler15304/01/1970' "Texas A&M
DTBernard Wilson1208/17/1970' "Tennessee State
WRCharles Wilson14507/01/1968' "Memphis
DT/DE/LBKarl Wilson14809/10/1964' "Louisiana State
RBVince Workman15605/09/1968' "Ohio State

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